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Wooden Spoon x1000

Wooden Spoon x1000


Offer your diners a more sustainable alternative to traditional plastic cutlery with these biodegradable wooden dessert spoons. The renewable, FSC-certified betula wood material means these dessert spoons are incredibly eco-friendly and will not harm the Earth as they biodegrade. By switching to these wooden spoons, you can therefore help to minimise the damaging effects of single-use plastic on the environment and work to improve your business’s green footprint.

The smooth betula wood build also makes the spoons strong, sturdy and comfortable to hold. This will ensure customers can enjoy your hot and cold desserts easily and hassle-free.

Why Use Disposable Wooden Cutlery?

Disposable wooden cutlery is a great choice for caterers as wood is a renewable material that won’t harm the Earth as it breaks down. Disposable wooden cutlery also features an organic look that enhances dish presentation. There’s also minimal risk of splintering with wooden cutlery – these dessert spoons have been sanded to a smooth finish to ensure comfortable dining.

What Is FSC-Certified Wood?

FSC-certified wood is wood that has been sourced from forests accredited with the Forest Stewardship Council’s (FSC) sustainability certification. It can also be wood that’s sourced from post-consumer waste. Products made from FSC-certified wood, like these Fiesta Green dessert spoons, give you a guarantee that they’re made from sustainable materials that are kinder to Earth and its natural resources.

Will These Wooden Spoons Affect The Taste Of My Desserts?

No, these Fiesta Green disposable dessert spoons won’t affect the taste of your food. As wood is a porous material, the dessert spoons absorb the flavours in your food to prevent the taste of wood from overpowering your sweet treats.


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