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Eco-friendly Takeaway Packaging


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  • Black Paper Straw (200x6mm/8″) x250

    Improve the green footprint of your business with this pack of 250 x black compostable paper straws. Made from sustainably sourced paper, these straws are kinder to the Earth's finite resources and can be composted within 12 weeks in commercial composting facilities. As such, they offer an eco-friendly alternative to conventional plastic straws, helping you to reduce your environmental impact and meet consumer demand for more sustainable disposables. Can Paper Straws Be Recycled? Yes, paper straws are accepted for recycling in many facilities. However, some centres won't accept contaminated paper, so it's important you always check with your waste management provider first. If you're unable to recycle these Fiesta Green paper straws, they're also certified compostable, so can be disposed of with food waste and made into compost that's used to grow plants. How Are Paper Straws Made? These Fiesta Green paper straws are made through a process called spiral winding, where separate strips of paper are fed through a machine and wound into a rigid spiral. These straws are made with paper and food-grade glue and ink, which means they can be safely composted after use. Will Paper Straws Turn Soggy? Yes, paper straws will eventually turn soggy. But as these Fiesta Green paper straws are made from high quality, 3-ply paper, they'll resist softening a lot longer than others on the market. This will make sure your customers have plenty of time to enjoy their cold drinks.

    Product features

    • Dimensions 210(L) x 6(Ø)mm
    • Material Paper
    • Weight 1.3g
    • Colour Black
    • The straws will compost within 12 weeks in industrial composting sites
    • Certified compostable according to the BS EN 13432 standard
    • Made from renewable, sustainably sourced paper
    • Made with compostable, food-grade ink and glue
    • Greener alternatives to standard plastic straws
    • Has a smaller carbon footprint than traditional plastic alternatives
    • The premium 3-ply paper design means the straws resist softening for longer
    • Features a sleek black colourway
    • Substantial 210mm length perfect for reaching into deep drinks
    • 6mm bore